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Author Topic: Warlock Shifter?  (Read 4988 times)

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September 24, 2010, 01:21:04 AM
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Quote from: heimdallw32

The main problem with Natural Spell (in my opinion) is that while it works for Shifter (PnP), it doesn't work for Druids (they aren't even able to take the feat), I'm sure that in PnP, druids can take and benefit from Natural Spell, however, currently regular ol' Wild Shape/Elemental Shape/etc (non-'Shifter (PnP)' shifting, in other words) use Bioware's polymorph.

So I don't know if Natural Spell would even work with Bioware's Polymorph system. If it doesn't, is it in the plans at some point in the future to convert druids to the PRC shifting system as well?

Xwarren told me yesterday that he had just finished doing just this thing.  Look for it in the next version.

September 26, 2010, 05:47:53 AM
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Wow, great work! =D This is good news indeed.