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Author Topic: Nothing showing up?  (Read 1938 times)

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May 21, 2016, 06:07:51 PM

I attempted to install the PRC, opting to use the RAR version and extracting all the files to their appropriate folders. When I start the game, though, none of the classes or races or anything from the mod show up. Any ideas?

May 21, 2016, 09:20:23 PM
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The PRC base (Swashbuckler, Warlock, etc.) classes should show up when starting a new char. I think the only way to start with a PRC race is the PRC Char Creator.
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May 22, 2016, 12:45:16 AM
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That's the issue, nothing is showing up, whether it be prestige or base.

May 22, 2016, 03:29:20 AM
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The base classes should show up when you start a new char. The Prestige classes should appear at level up, assuming pre-req's met.

Absence of base class at new char doesn't sound good.

Might try to PM xwarren as a head's up to look at the boards.
Fermi was a Pyrokineticist

May 23, 2016, 01:14:35 AM
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The only possible thing, though I don't see how this would make a difference, is that I had installed a new secondary hard drive on my PC and moved my GOG folder and conversely, my NWN Diamond folder, to the new drive. I then attempted to install the PRC. Could it be some kind of registry issue with it having a conflict after moving the folder?

May 26, 2016, 04:35:54 PM
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The short answer is yes, it could make a difference. My recollection is that the NWN registry entries are hard to track down and definitely location-specific, and that the PRC tends to have problems if everything doesn't match.

I once tried to correct this problem by editing all the registry entries involved. Trust me, you are better off reinstalling the program than you are messing with the registry.