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Author Topic: I Got my DA Copy and am Very happy exept...  (Read 38988 times)

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November 23, 2009, 04:31:19 PM

Hi guys,

Well I finally got my new computer with the copy of dragon age installed as well as NWN2 *finally*. Well I kind of ignored NWN2 and went straight to DA.

My first impression of DA was wow it was easy to learn and updates were also easy, a first for me. I am still playing(learning it) but so far I LOVE the map set up so AWESOME!!! wish NWN1 was that way. I also love the deep story (it is not boring by any means). And there are other things I am still on the fence on but want to play more before I comment on it. The part that I am not happy about is the shifter *evil look* Why can't developers get that us players LOVE TO PLAY AS A SHIFTER not a mages that sometimes shift into shapes for the novelty of it...

 My mage "Morph* is an elf and can never play in his shifted form because it is not playable that way nothing merges and all the buffs go away when you shift and worse it takes for ever to shift and can be interrupted in mid battle and well a mage having no armor will die in two seconds. I am all for having stats not merge if that is how they want it but then give us TONES of things to find that will allow us to learn different shapes. I think the shifting system that was implemented in the fade is way better and that is how it should have been for the shapeshifter class "instant shifting". I hold hope that all is not lost because it looks like all the tools and utilities are in place for a super awesome shifter class/specialization by the PRC team.

As a single player myself I love this game in many ways it has lots of potential for creating and adding to the game in very positive ways by skilled scripters. I know that the PRC team will make DA super awesome like they are/did  NWN1.

 Thanks guys please do not let shifters die """please... *waives*"""