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November 11, 2009, 01:57:02 PM
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Ultimately, it's hard to give out a nuanced message by a choice to buy or not to buy something. As alluded to in the post above, that suspension of disbelief thing with the DLC is something I have a major problem with. However, the DLC itself is IMO, good value for money and something I'm interested in (more story and content). So. If I buy it am I saying I think the DLC advertising in game is ok? If I don't buy it am I saying that I don't like DLC that is cheap or contains story content? I think it just has to be based on whether you want it or not for the price it is being offered at. Well, and then complain about the aspects you don't like very loudly on the interwebs :@.

I hope that the DLC for DA is successful as it has clearly not been pulled from the game - it's an 80 hour game with loads of replayability. It has a toolset, which should mean that any DLC has to be good quality to sell.

And I hope that when games obviously are pulling content from the main title to sell DLC that people won't fall for it. But a lot of games have been short with no replayability for years now, so I don't have high hopes for that :|