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July 16, 2009, 01:41:31 PM

The fade is a wizard who has embedded himself within the dreamworld, drawing it into himself to such a degree that he always walks the land with one foot stepped beyond the normal waking world into that strange world of spirits and flitting dreams, a place where things are far different than the living realm. Cold and strange, the fade often gives up the societal comforts for his experiences in the other realm, for adventuring there has left him unable to function amongst the living.

His power is focused around the spirit world, and drawing and creating creatures from there to serve him here in the living realm. Note that his summons are expected to start fairly weak, as he cannot truly bring them from the spirit world to here until he greatly expands his powers.

Dream's Reality
[ulist=disc]A Wavering Vision - Increases strength of summons by 20%.
A Shimmering Wall - Increases strength of summons by 40%
Hazy and Hale - Increases strength of summons by 60%
Reality Anchor - Increases strength of summons by 80%.[/ulist]

Number Unlimited
[ulist=disc]Minions and Followers - The fade summons two creatures of the chosen type. (These will scale based on strength of creature summoned)
Army of the Mind - The fade summons three creatures of the chosen type.
The Growing Horde - The fade summons four creatures of the chosen type.
The Ravening Tide - The fade summons five creatures of the chosen type.[/ulist]

Friends and Companions
[ulist=disc]The Pack Hunts - Summon a Spirit Hound
Death's Many Legs - Summon a Mind Spider
Whispering Shadows - Summon a Shade
Dream's Drake - Summon a Dragon Figment (Drake)[/ulist]

Vision Walker
[ulist=disc]Grasp of the Mind - Shunt a creature into the dream world for a moment of time.
Nonexistent Army - Toss three creatures into the dream realm.
Missing Minds - Force five creatures minds into the dream world, leaving their body intact.
Forgotten - Throw a creature into the Fade with such violence that it expires.[/ulist]
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October 26, 2009, 05:33:30 PM
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I like where you are going with this so far.  I do have a question however.  Do you know if there is a maximum party size?  With five summons (plus companions) that seems like an awful much for the game to handle.  Also I was wondering if you had heard how much control the PC has over companions.  I am tossing around ideas in my head for another summoner class but I am not sure how the game handles it.  Specifically are the summons able to have abilities and spells like your PC?  I am hoping that it is not like NWN where familiars, for example, were able to use spells but it was very awkward to do so.  I think that it would be fun to have a summoned unit that you can "upgrade" and customize with a bunch of abilities but I am not sure if how feasible this will be.

October 27, 2009, 12:15:40 PM
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We won't know what the game can handle until we've had a chance to push its limits.  I can tell you that Fade is not one of the first classes being worked on.

Not all of us were able to get the beta to install, and those of us that could haven't had it for very long.  I know there was a lot said as to our intentions to release content the day the game went live, but we did not receive the necessary information and tools to produce a lot, so the first release will be sparse.  Consider it a teaser for things to come...