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Author Topic: Dragon Age Class Style  (Read 19467 times)

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July 16, 2009, 01:17:06 PM

Here is a brief overview of what is needed to design a Dragon Age class. I'll add more as we find out more.

[ulist=circle]Abilities always come in packs of 4, with each being required in turn. Need 1 to get 2, and so on. Usually, they come in packs of 16 under a common heading, like Primal for elemental spells, but certain 4-sets that are generic to the base class don't fall under a grouped heading.[/ulist]

[ulist=circle]Origin Story (if you want to try and use it in the original campaign)
Allowed Races (Dwarves can't cast spells, for instance)
Abilities (These vary from about 48 to 68 for the three existing base classes). [/ulist]

[ulist=circle]Entry Requirements (Not entirely certain on these yet)
Stat Boosts (Each specialization grants two bonuses to certain statistics)
Abilities (These vary from 12 to 20)[/ulist]
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