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Author Topic: Can't find switches  (Read 2018 times)

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November 22, 2014, 03:39:41 PM

Hello everyone.

I'm playing the Original Campaign with the prc 3.5.

I would like to alter the switches so that henchmen, familars and whatnot do not leech XP. According to the sticky up here and the prc_inc_switches.nss file, I should set something like

PRC_XP_HENCHMAN_PARTY_COUNT_x100                    int 0
PRC_XP_DOMINATED_PARTY_COUNT_x100                   int 0 
PRC_XP_FAMILIAR_PARTY_COUNT_x100                       int 0
PRC_XP_SUMMONED_PARTY_COUNT_x100                   int 0

right? The problem is: I can't find these switches. When I go to PRC options and go to alter the switches, they're not there. The only XP-related switches that I can find are the LA/racial HD related ones and


None of the others are there, including PRC_XP_USE_PNP_XP and the slider.

What's going on? Can someone help me please?

And another, although minor issue, is that I cannot seem to make personal_switch.2da work for me. It asks me if I'd like to read the switches through it, but then it doesn't change anything. I had to go through all the switches and manually change the ones that interested me. Not a big deal, but maybe it's related to the previous issue?

Thanks in advance for the help!