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Author Topic: An opinion on Templar class  (Read 1981 times)

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October 03, 2014, 12:25:50 AM
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I have tested some Templars, both single-class one and multi-classed ones in some modules. I don't know if Templar base class is taken from some DnD supplement or home brewed for PRC, but I think the class needs some upgrades.

First of all, the class spell list is rather too thin and limited. It is a warmage style class but there are only small number of spells known.

Those spell list neither clear theme (unlike Warmage, Dread Necromancer or Beguiler).

Also, the class has only small number of higher level spells and many of them are 2nd-grade ones. Symbol spells are not so useful as most of them have HP limit. And some of them seem to be not working appropriately (Symbol of Sleep?).

There is no spells truly useful in adventures in L7 list. And meta-magic feats does not help as there is no useful spells to extend (L6), empower (L5), or maximize (L4) at appropriate level. I usually end up resting without any of the L7 spell slots at all.

Some more spells should be added to the class's spell list to make this class truly useful.

Also, domain spells should be usable not only once per day but as many times as the spell slots left.

In PnP, that limitation is good, because all the domains have 1 spell at each spell level. But NWN is different. Each domain has only limited number of domain spells. That is why clerics are allowed to cast domain spells many times per day. Templar should have the same advantage.