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July 16, 2014, 12:19:56 AM
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Hi,  I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction. A friend  mine gave me a mod modified by Xwarren the prc for him to host.  The original mod was Arbor Falls by LordofWorms. He has a lot of stuff in there that looks really cool but I cant get the CCC to work with it.

I think I am missing something and was hoping you might recall some of the details of how you set it up to run for Crawling Chaos. I have a 2008 R2 server , I installed MySQL , I set the switches in the module properties.  There were only a couple set already and I left them alone.  My server logs show the plugins are loading so I assume the database is set up and working properly but there is an error in the logs "

I am certain one of the issues is that I am using MySQL and it's set up for SQLite. Is that something I can change and can you point me in the right direction.  Any advice would be much appreciated. I pasted samples of the servers logs for you hopefully.
NWN Extender V.2.6.1
(c) 2005 by Ingmar Stieger (Papillon) and Jeroen Broekhuizen
visit us at

* Loading plugins...
* Plugin chat is loaded.
* Plugin leto is loaded.
* Plugin odbc is loaded.
* Plugin profiler is loaded.
* NWNX2 activated.
* Function not specified.* Library FUNCS!GETHASLOCALVARIABLE does not exist.* Library FUNCS!GETLOCALVARIABLECOUNT does not exist.* NWNX2 shutting down...
* NWNX2 shutdown successfull.

NWNX-Leto module (build 03 - FF)
(c) 2004 by David Frauzel (dragonsong),
Information and support:

* Loading LetoScript.dll...
* LetoScript metamodule activated (241.2ms).
<1.018ms> Req:"SCRIPT", Param:"<file:open 'LETOTEST' <qq:E:\Decicated Serverservervault/canis infernalis/kezef.bic>><FirstName> <LastName><file:close 'LETOTEST'>"
<1.224ms> Req:"SCRIPT", Param:"<file:open 'LETOTEST' <qq:E:\Decicated Serverservervault/LadyRogue/whispers.bic>><FirstName> <LastName><file:close 'LETOTEST'>"
<997.4┬Ás> Req:"SCRIPT", Param:"<file:open 'LETOTEST' <qq:E:\Decicated Serverservervault/canis infernalis/kezef.bic>><FirstName> <LastName><file:close 'LETOTEST'>"

NWNX ODBC2 plugin V.
(c) 2005 by Ingmar Stieger (Papillon) and Jeroen Broekhuizen
visit us at

o Logfile maximum size limit is: 524288 bytes
o Log level: Everything will be logged.
o Using SQLite connection.
o Hooking SCO....hooked at 5d5830
o Hooking RCO....hooked at 5d5710
o Connect successful.
o Got request: CREATE TABLE xchst_db (player varchar(64) NOT NULL default '~',tag varchar(64) NOT NULL default '~',name varchar(64) NOT NULL default '~',val blob,expire int(11) default NULL,last timestamp NOT NULL default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,PRIMARY KEY  (player,tag,name)) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;
! SQL Error: near "ENGINE": syntax error
o Got request: SELECT val FROM PLAYER_STATS WHERE player='~' AND tag='WormsPWBASE' AND name='MODULE_YEAR'
! SQL Error: no such table: PLAYER_STATS
o Sent response (0 bytes):

August 14, 2017, 05:32:25 AM
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I'm gonna give this post a poke since this project is now open again. Any help with this would be much appreciated. The server would be an RP/Action place with the possibility of CEP being added in later as well  8)

-Crawling Chaos63

August 14, 2017, 04:52:40 PM
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Hi, how do I remove barbarism in my save.