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June 05, 2009, 02:51:34 PM

true neutral
24 ultimate ranger (lvl 1-18, 33-37 & 40)
6 telflammar shadowlord (lvl 19-23 & 39)
10 elemental savant of water (lvl 24-32 & 38)

23 strength (15 +1 (3x) @ lvl 28, 32 & 36 + great strength v)
21 dexterity (15 +1 (6x) @ lvl 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 & 24)
14 constitution
16 intelligence (15 +1 @ lvl 40)
8 wisdom
8 charisma

43 discipline (+21 @ lvl 1-18, +19 @ lvl 33-37, +3 @ lvl 40)
43 hide (+26 @ lvl 1-23, +40 @ lvl 33-37, +3 @ lvl 39-40)
23 jump (+26 @ lvl 1-23, +40 @ lvl 33-37, +3 @ lvl 39-40)
8 lore (+8 @ lvl 1-8)
43 move silently (+26 @ lvl 1-23, +40 @ lvl 33-37, +3 @ lvl 39-40)
40 spellcraft (+35 @ lvl 24-32, +5 @ lvl 38)
40 tumble (+26 @ lvl 19-23, +14 @ lvl 39)
42 use magic device (+26 @ lvl 19-23, +14 @ lvl 39)

blindfight (1), dodge (1), favored enemy (abberations) (2), expertise (3), mobility (4), power attack (6), favored enemy (dragon) (7), spring attack (7), cleave (9), sneak attack +3d6 (11), favored power attack (11), favored enemy (elementals) (12), great cleave (12), hide in plain sight (14), improved critical (greatsword) (15), improved favored enemy (15), favored enemy (outsiders) (17), uncanny dodge i (17) whirlwind attack (18), great strength i-v (21, 24, 27, 30 & 33), overwhelming critical (greatsword) (33), dodge favored enemy (34), bane of enemies (36), favored enemy (undead), devastating critical (37), resist favored enemy (37), improved whirlwind attack (39)

Special: A token proving a donation of 10,000 gold to the Telflamm Guild, before lvl 19.

+devastating critical, death attack, improved whirlwind attack, sneak attack, favored (and bane of) enemies
+immunities, bonusses to saves and ac
-mediocre hitpoints and ab
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June 05, 2009, 02:51:45 PM
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Ok, here's my first attempt at a build ever - so please be gentle!

Title: Dragon Hunter
Race: Human

Base Class: Ultimate Ranger
Alignment: Lawful Good
Favoured Weapon: Great axe

Starting Stats: Strength 18, Dexterity 10, Constitution 14, Intelligence 10, Wisdom 10, Charisma 10
Ending Stats: Strength 32, Dexterity 10, Constitution 14, Intelligence 10, Wisdom 10, Charisma 10

Main Skills: Discipline, Lore, Spot
Minor Skill: Persuade

Build: Ultimate Ranger 20/Foe Hunter 10/Vassal of Bahamut 10

Level Progression:
01: UR- Sacred Vow, Weapon Focus (great axe), Endurance/craft armor +4, persuade +4, discipline +4, lore +4
02: UR- Favored Enemy (dragons)/craft armor +1, discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
03: UR- Vow of Obedience/discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1, persuade +1
04: UR- Str +1/Improved Initiative/discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
05: UR- discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
06: UR- Improved Favored Enemy/discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
07: UR- Favored Enemy (outsiders), Improved Unarmed Strike/discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
08: FH- Hated Enemy (dragons)/discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
09: VB- Improved Critical (great axe)/discipline +1, lore +1, persuade +1
10: VB- discipline +1, lore +1, persuade +1
11: VB- Power Attack/discipline +1, lore +1, persuade +1
12: FH- Str +1/Cleave/discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
13: VB- discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
14: UR- discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
15: FH- Iron Will/discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
16: VB- Str +1/discipline +1, lore +1, persuade +1
17: UR- discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
18: UR- Favored Power Attack/discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
19: FH- discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
20: HF- Str +1/discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
21: VB- Great Strength I/discipline +1, lore +1, persuade +3
22: VB- Great Cleave/discipline +1, lore +1, persuade +1
23: UR- discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
24: UR- Devastating Criticals, Favored Enemy (magical beasts)/discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
25: UR- discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
26: UR- (abi) Resist Favored Enemy/discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
27: FH- Great Strength II/discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
28: VB- Str +1/discipline +1, lore +1, persuade +7
29: UR- Epic Toughness I/discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
30: UR-Armor Skin/discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
31: FH- discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
32: VB- Str +1/discipline +1, lore +1, persuade +4
33: UR- (abi) Dodge Favored Enemy, Favored Enemy (constructs), Blinf Fight/discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
34: UR- discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
35: FH- discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
36: VB- Str +1/Great Strength III, Epic Toughness II/discipline +1, lore +1, persuade +4
37: UR- discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
38: UR- (abi) Viper Totem/discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
39: FH- Great Strength IV/discipline +1, lore +1, spot +1
40: VB- Str +1/discipline +1, lore +1, persuade +4

HP: 426 (no re-rolls)
AC: 12 ( 28 with Platinum Armour+8)
AB: +42/+37/+32/+27 (bare handed)
BAB: 30
Fortitude: 28
Reflex: 23
Will: 18

Great against Dragons!
4 Attacks per round or 5 when hasted
Devastating Criticals
Can carry a lot of weight
Immune to poison
Discipline 43, Lore 43, Spot 42, Persuade 37

Low AC
Low Will saves
No access to Vassal of Bahamut spells
Cannot take advantage of UR Grace feat
Search 0
That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

June 05, 2009, 02:52:16 PM
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Ultimate Ranger 19
Vigilant 10
Shadowdancer 11

STR 14
DEX 22
CON 12
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 10

+DEX at every chance.

Because it's a stealth specialist, the favoured enemies are all race types that are true seeing/see invis. This is just a personal preference, and you can pick whatever you want.

Level 1-7: Ultimate Ranger
Skills: Lore (to 4), Listen (to 5), Persuade (to 5), Hide, Move Silently
Feats: Endurance, Dodge, Favoured Enemy (Outsiders), Weapon Finesse, Two-Weapon Fighting, Ambidexterity, FE (Dragons), Mobility

Level 8-17: Vigilant
Skills: Hide, Move Silently, Tumble (to 5)
Feats: Power Attack, FE (Monstrous Humanoids), Cleave, Great Cleave

Level 18-20: Ultimate Ranger
Skills: Hide, Move Silently
Feat: Weapon Focus (Rapier)

Level 21-30: Shadowdancer
Skills: Hide, Move Silently, Tumble
Feats: Epic Weapon Focus (Rapier), Improved Critical (Rapier), Spring Attack, Epic Dodge

Level 31-36: Ultimate Ranger
Skills: Hide, Move Silently
Feats: (Abi) Sneak Attack +3d6, Two-Weapon Defense, FE (Undead), Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, (Abi) Dodge Favoured Enemy, Improved Two-Weapon Defense, Greater Two-Weapon Fighting

Level 37: Shadowdancer
Skills: Hide, Move Silently, Tumble

Level 38-40: Ultimate Ranger
Skills: Hide, Move Silently, Spot
Feats: (Abi) Resist Favoured Enemy, FE (Aberrations), Blind Fight, Greater Two-Weapon Defense

Disadvantages: Low STR, and I've seen much higher attack bonuses in builds that don't focus on two weapon fighting. You can go single-weapon if you like, but stick to a piercing weapon (rapier) for dive attack. It'll free up 7 feats for whatever you want, but cost you a few attacks per round...

Advantages: 7 attacks/round + haste, self haste (3/day), epic dodge, shadow evade (3/day), defensive roll, high AC (naked w/ 2 rapiers, 34. can self-buff to 42), sneak attack/hide in plain sight
That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

June 05, 2009, 02:52:25 PM
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yah, folks, gr?ssgott

time for me to post something again, for i was very busy the last time...

here is my humble contribution:

"The Demagogue" (Rogue 15, Ultimate Ranger 15, Disciple of Baalzebul 10)

Race: Fey'Ri (neutral evil Rogue at 1st level)

Base Stats: 10, 16, 12, 17, 8, 15 (usual order)

Final Stats: 10, 24, 12, 18, 8, 16 (+4 = 20)

Skills at 1st level: 4 hide, 4 sneak, 4 spot, 4 listen, 4 search, 4bluff, 4 persuade + some other stuff (44 in total)

relevant skills are self explanatory. the final result, including abilty-bonus, should be something like this:

bluff 62, disc 43, conc 44, spot 44, jump 43, listen 44, sneak 60, hide 69, tumble 50, persuade 30, intimidate 20. some should be higher than it appears to be... have no explanation. i also noticed, that the baal-summons are bugged: i just summon a naked dwarf...


1R (Rogue): Toughness
2UR (Ultimate Ranger): TWF
3UR: Weapon Finesse, Favoured Enemy: Elves
4R: INT+1
6UR: Ambitexterity
7UR: Improved Initiative
8UR: CHA+1 (allways increase DEX after this)
9-14UR: Improved Critical: Short Sword (i'm so bored of the rapier, allthough it would be more effective of course), Favoured Enemy: Humans, Impoved TWF, Nockdown, hide in plain sight (ability to choose at level 11 of UR), TW-Defense. Save about 10 skillpoints or so.
15-18R: max bluff & tumble at level 15, pick Disciple of Darkness at level 18. now we should reach BAB 16 at level 18.
19-20DoB(Disciple of Baalzebul)

21DoB: Superior Initiative

22-25DoB: Weapon focus at level 24
26R: save about 10 skillpoints
27R: epic Weapon Focus
28R: Improved Evasion, save at last 22 skillpoints.
29UR: max Disc & Conc, Favoured Enemy: whatever
30-32DoB: Epic Prowess at lvl 30 (optional, as well as the weapon focuses. i just suggest it.)
33R: the epic 'hide+10'-feat
34R: save 5
35R: the epic 'sneak+10'-feat, save 10
36R: save about 15
37UR: max Disc & Conc
39UR: Ability: Sneak Attack+3d6, the epic 'bluff+10'-feat
40UR: Improved TW-Defense

considering that the blackguard prc has allready been chosen, i decided to waste the death attack of DoB. so now this build has a 11d6-sneak attack (commited with HIPS) with dual shortsword, improved nockdown (nice with Disciple o' Darkness feat at first strike (hidden)) and greater twf at a final BAB of 27, which grants 4 attacks per round at level 18. unmodified AC is 25 and average HP about 300 or so. i don't like non-spellcasters in general, but this is a nice one, not terribly effective though. it is more thought to be a uber-evil rpg char with slight above average combat-ability. it's main advantage is the massive skill, the TWF-abilities (defensive + offensive) and the HIPS-feat and it can be played with any race. in fact, human would be best i think (skills like an INT+2-race, additional feat (cleave!)). apart from this, it appears to be very playable and the clas combination, as well as the choice of race, makes sense. instead of the epic skill-focuses, it would also make sense to choose crippling strike and opportunist. this build would be much more effective if it's specilaized on longbow, which would be quite nasty with HIPS. this option is definately available due to the 15 levels of the UR-PrC, which offers some archery feats. I decided to choose dual shortsword, just because it is rarely seen.

That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

June 05, 2009, 02:52:37 PM
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hi folks, no its time for my first PRC build....

.... i worked all night and i proudly present you.....

the "ABYSSAL EXECUTOR" *ggg* (again, sorry for bad english, i'm german)

illithids normally use their slaves in order to deal with enemies in melee. but maybe there is a small elite of illithid assassins out there in the underdark, which takes care for disloyal colonies, powerful rebellion leaders or even matrons of the drow (like the valsharess . tasks that cannot be ceded to slaves...however. the abyssal executor is a melee-stealth-char, with little magical skills, used to support stealth and martial arts. the abyssal executor is probably the most lethal thread to all of his foes, that are not protected against effects that cause instand death and apart from this, he is a an above average fighter&rogue due to the magical support of his combat skills. apart from this, this build is thought to use traps (i love it), which it can affort due it's high intelligence.

RACE: Illithid [choose "Illithid.e3" of the PRC shapes, for it is a shape that can equip its off hand visibly... and the style fits well to my imgaination of what this char should look like :]

ALIGNMENT: lawful evil seems to be the most logical choise. renegades (outcast of illithid society) should play chaotic evil.


STR: 12 (+1)
DEX: 18 (+4)
CON: 16 (+3)
INT: 26 (+8)
WIS: 14 (+2)
CHA: 14 (+2)

CLASS (1. level): Ultimate Ranger

BASE SKILLS: Disc 4, Conc 4, Move Silent 4, Hide 4, all trap-skills of the U.R. Class 4, Disarm Trap 2, Spot 4, Listen 4, Search 4...and some Jump and Lore.
Definition: all the skills mentioned above are the 'Skill Set I' (SSI in short). i use this notation, beceause its shorter.

BASIC FEATS: Weapon Finess and Weapon Focus (Rapier)

Further progression: [class;ability increase, if any; skills; features, if any; comments, if any]

2: UR (Ultimate Ranger); max out SSI; Favoured Enemy (Abberations seems logical)

3: UR; max out SSI; Toughness

4: UR; INT+1; max out SSI, Two-Weapon Fighting

5: WIZ (Wizard); Spellcraft+8, Conc+1, Lore+1; please choose general school (very important!), it is very important to choose the spells True Strike, Shield and Mage Armor and spells that don't offer a chance for save throws, like Elemental Orbs, Burning Bolt and so on. The Eye-Ball is a well fitting familiar and a logical (but unimportant) decision.

6: WIZ; Spellcraft+1, Lore+5, Concentration+1, Save 3; Practised Spellcaster (Wizard)

7: UR; max out SSI (priority: Disc, Conc and stealth)

8: ASS (Assassin =D); INT+1, max out Hide&Move Silent, Disarm Trap+6, Open Lock+4

9: ASS; max out Disarm Trap&Open Lock, Hide+1; Extended Spell Duration (the feat); NOTE: i play the german version of nwn and i'm not sure if my translations contain the same synonyms as usual in the english version.

10: WIZ; max out Spellcraft, Lore and Conc (all 13); Spells: please choose Invisibility and it's Counterspell! other wise, you will have lesser efficiency in combat.

11: UR; Disc+4, Conc+1, Move Silent+3, Hide+2,Craft Trap+3

12: UR; INT+1, Disc+1, Conc+1, M.S.+1, Hide+1,Spot+5,Listen+4; Favoured Enemy i suggest Dragon), choose also the feat, that increases the AB of the off-hand by 4 points while fighting with two weapons...dunno exact translation :[

13: UR, Disc+1, Conc+1, Hide+1, M.S.+1, max out all trap-skills of the UR class.

14: UR; Search+3, Listen+5, Spot+1. all of the following skills define the 'Skill Set II' (SSII): Disc+1, Conc+1, Hide+1, Move Silent+1. All skills mentioned here in level 14 define the 'Skill Set III' (SSIII)

15: UR; max out SSII, Jump+10; Improved critical strike (Rapier)
-------- at this point, the build is optimized and well balanced in order to play the HotU campaign---------

16: UR; INT+1; max out SSII and all trap-skills of the UR class, Spot+1; Hide in plain sight, Two-Weapon Defense; as you can imagine, "hide in plain sight" is an essential aspect of this char's tactic while reaching the epic levels.

17: UR; max out SSIII, especially: Search+7; Favoured Enemy (i'd suggest Elves)

18: UR; max out SSIII; Greater Two-Weapon Fighting.

19: UR; max out all tactically relevant skills; Sneak Attack +3D6

-----the abbysal executor should now have 4 attacks per round, using only the main hand----------

20: ASS; INT+1, max out all stealth-and-trap-skills (trap-skills hould now be 23,22,23)

Epic Levels:

21: ASS; same thing with the skills like in last lvl; Improved INT I

22: WIZ, Spellcraft+12, Conc+1; please choose Darkness & Ultra Vision

23: WIZ, max out Conc & Spellcraft (both should be 26 now), save the rest; Improved INT II; please choose Improved Mage Armor & Spider Skin.
(the abyssal executor is now able to increase it's AC by 15 points in total due to his spell choise).

24: ASS; INT+1, max out all stealth-and-trap-skills (all 27), Open Lock+3;
Improved INT III

25: ASS; max out trap&stealth-skillz, listen+6, Spot+1, search+1, Tumble+3

26: ASS; Tumble+14, Hide+1, M.S.+1, Jump+2

27: UR; Disc+8, Conc+4, Hide+1, M.S.+1, Jump+2; Improved Two-Weapon Defense, Armor Skin (AC naked is now 22)

28:ASS, INT+1, max out skills like before, espcieally tumble&jump

29: ASS, max out trap&stealth skills, Spot Search and Listen and Tumble+1

30: ASS; skills: same procedure as last level (bzw. happy new year); feat: Improved INT IV

31: ASS (now, its an epic ass ; skills: what ever, just don't forget jump.

32: ASS; INT+1; all importent tactical skills up to level 35 now, save about 5 points.

33: ASS; skill increment is obviuos, save about 13 points; Epic Skill Focus (Hide)

34: ASS; skill increment is obvious. you can do f. ex. +20 intimidate now, if you like. in my version of this char, i did this earlier;
Epic Skill Focus (Move Silent)

35: UR; Now it's time for Disc+8 and Conc+8 (both lvl 38 now), max out the trap&stealth-sector.

36: ASS; INT+1, skill increment is obvious, max out Jump&Tumble;
Epic Weapon Focus (Rapier)

37: ASS; any important tactical skill now should be at lvl 40. save about 5 points.

38: ASS; skill increment obvious, save about 13 points

39: ASS; skill increment obvious; Epic Combat Strength (the epic AB+1 -thing), Improved Sneak Attack +1D6

40: UR; INT+1, max out anything up to 43, or whatever (i took the animal-thing +22 to lvl 29) Feats: Favoured Enemy (f. ex. Outsiders); Hawk totem or Dodge favoured Enemy (i took the latter).


Standart Tactic (example): cast Darknes, hide, go to target, Death Attack, hide, wait till 6 second countdown, wait 3 more seconds and cast True Strike, attack target. DC for death Attack is 43 (unbuffed) can be increased to 49 with INT+12 gear, AB is 53 with a normal Rapier. nothing survives this, exept if target is immune to effects that cause instant death. Other: cast True Strike and suck out your opponents brain if it has one

Final Stats:

STR 12 (+1)
DEX: 18 (+4)
CON: 16 (+3)
INT: 40 (+15)
WIS: 14 (+2)
CHA: 14 (+2)

AC (naked): 27 can be increased to 42 with spells

BAB: 27
HP: 406 (unbuffed example)
Saves: 24/25/20
Spell Resistance: 65(!)

some characteristical skills (with ab. mod.): Disc 44, Conc 46, Move Silent (or Sneak, as you might call it also, sorry not sure how to translate) 57, Hide 61, Craft Trap 62 (unnecessary high, but what else is better?)

Pros: absolutely lethal with the true death attack, massive skill, nearly immune to magic, acceptable AB and AC, cool, and lots of other goodies, like traps and death attack (16D6 in total)...lot of fun...

Cons: helpless against dragon breath (just kill them quickly or run), moderate saves (but good saves versus spells), undead creatures are a little bit uncomfy and there is a slight weirdness upon this char, which doesn't want to disappear during the whole game o_O
That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.