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June 05, 2009, 02:40:17 PM

Akumashokan (Demon General)

Race: Tanarruk
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Classes: Samurai 14/Rogue 20/Telflammar Shadowlord 6.
Initial Statistics: Str 20 Dex 18 Con 10 Int 14 Wis 8 Cha 4
(Final Statistics: Str 24 Dex 26)


With the blood of the Tanarri pumping through his veins,
the Akumashokan fights with his soldiers in the front line,
using his demonic ability of translocation to cut swathes
through the enemy before they can react.

Lvl 1 Lore 2, Hide 2, Move Silently 2, Disc 4, Conc 2, Spot 2.
Feat: Luck of Heroes.
Lvl 2 Hide 5, Move Silently 5, Tumble 5, Spot 3.
Daisho: Silent Assassin
Lvl 3: Hide 6, Move Silently 6, Tumble 6, Spot 6.
Feat: Power Attack
Lvl 4: Dex +1->19. Hide 7, Move Silently 7, Tumble 7, Spot 7.
Daisho: Keen
Lvl 5: Hide 8, Move Silently 8, Tumble 8, Spot 8.
Lvl 6: Disc 9, Conc 9
Feats: Cleave, Great Cleave.
Daisho: Damage Bonus Fire 1d6
Lvl 7: Conc 10, Disc 10
Lvl 8: Dex+1->20. Conc 11, Disc 11.
Daisho: On hit - Slow.
Lvl 9: Hide 10, Move Silently 10, Disable Trap 5, Search 5, Set Trap 5,
Spot 12, Open Lock 1.
Feats: Weapon Focus Katana.
Lvl 10: Search 10, Spot 13, Tumble 13, UMD 3.
Daisho: Attack +2.
Lvl 11: Tumble 14, Spot 14, Search 11, UMD 10.
Lvl 12: Dex+1->21. Tumble 15, Spot 15, Search 15, Open Lock 5.
Feats: Dodge
Daisho: Attack +4
Lvl 13: Conc 14, Disc 14
Feats: Mobility
Lvl 14: Conc 17, Disc 17
Daisho: Damage Bonus Fire 2d6
Lvl 15: Conc 18, Disc 18, Lore 6
Feats: Spring Attack
Lvl 16: Dex+1->22. Conc 19, Disc 19.
Feats: Blind Fight
Daisho: On hit - Confusion
(Telflammar Shadowlord)
Lvl 17: Tumble 20.
Lvl 18: Tumble 21.
Feats: Improved Critical Katana
Daisho: On hit - Dispel Magic
Lvl 19: Tumble 22, Spot 22, Search 20, Open Lock 7.
Lvl 20: Dex+1->23. Tumble 23, Disable Trap 10, Open Lock 10, Search 21.
Feats: Crippling Strike.
Daisho: Enhancement Bonus +1
Lvl 21: Tumble 24, Set Trap 14.
Feats: Epic Weapon Focus Katana
Lvl 22: Tumble 25, Set Trap 23.
Daisho: Enhancement Bonus +2
Lvl 23: Disable Trap 14, Tumble 26, UMD 20.
Feats: Improved Evasion.
Lvl 24: Dex+1->24, Tumble 27, Disable Trap 20, Open Lock 12, Search 22.
Feats: Lingering Damage.
Daisho: Enhancement Bonus +3
Lvl 25: Tumble 28, Open Lock 21
Lvl 26: Tumble 29, Hide 15, Move Silently 14.
Feats: Improved Sneak Attack I
Daisho: Enhancement Bonus +4
(Telflammar Shadowlord)
Lvl 27: Tumble 30, Spot 27.
Feats: Great Dex I->25
Lvl 28: Str+1->21. Tumble 31, Spot 31, UMD 21.
Daisho: Enhancement Bonus +5
Lvl 29: Tumble 32, Spot 32, Search 30.
Lvl 30: Hide 20, Move Silently 17, Spot 33, Tumble 33.
Feats: Great Strength I->22
Daisho: Enhancement Bonus +6
Lvl 31: UMD 31.
Feats: Defensive Roll.
Lvl 32: Str +1->23. Conc 22, Disc 22.
Daisho: Immunity Fear
Lvl 33: Conc 25, Disc 25.
Feats: Epic Dodge
Lvl 34: Conc 28, Disc 28.
Feats: Overwhelming Critical Katana
Daisho: Immunity Disease
Lvl 35: Disc 31, Conc 31.
Lvl 36: Dex +1->26. Conc 34, Disc 34.
Feats: Improved Initiative
Daisho: Damage Bonus Fire 2d12
Lvl 37: Conc 37, Disc 37.
Feats: Superior Initiative
(Telflammar Shadowlord)
Lvl 38: Tumble 39.
Lvl 39: Tumble 42, Move Silently 20.
Feats: Shield Proficiency
Lvl 40: Tumble 43, UMD 40.
Daisho: Immunity Death Magic

With a weapon that can hit through +5 resistance, adding 2d12 fire
damage and several incapacitating spells, sneak attacks through the roof,
Crippling Strike, Lingering Damage, Overwhelming Critical, Epic Dodge,
and all the Shadowlord abilities and spells, this build is extremely strong.
That is not dead which can eternal lie.
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June 05, 2009, 02:41:19 PM
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Mystic Warrior
Wizard 12/ Samurai 10/ Spellsword 18
Wiz = Wizard, Sam. = Samurai, SS= Spell Sword
Starting Stats: STR 15, DEX 15, CON 10, INT 16, WIS 10, CHA 8
Ending Stats: STR 21, DEX 15, CON 10, INT 20, WIS 10, CHA 8

Ending Skills without Armor:Concentration 44, Discipline 48, Intimidate 42, Lore42, Parry 45, Spellcraft 43, Tumble 23, Jump 25, Craft Armor 18

Requirements:Alignment Lawful Good, Arcane Spellcaster LVL 2 or higher
Feats: Weapon Pro. Simple, Martial & Exotic, Armor Pro. Light, Medium & Heavy
Skills: Lore 6+ ranks
Base Attack Bonus +4 or Greater

Weapon: Katana
Masterwork Katana attack bonus+20, Fire Damage 2d12, Enchantment +6, keen
Masterwork Katana attack bonus+20, Ice Damage 2d12, Enchanment +6, Keen
Main Hand Attack +52/+47/+42/+37
Offhand Attack +52/+47
Unarmed Attack +33/+28/+23/+18

Race: Human Gender: Male Alignment Lawful Good

1 Wiz. Concentration 4, Lore 4, Spellcraft 4 Spell Penetration, Power Attack
2 Sam. Concentratrion 1, Discipline 5, Lore 1, Parry 5
3 Sam. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Parry 1 Armor Pro. Heavy, Cleave
4 Wiz. Concentrate 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 3 STR+1
5 Wiz. Concentrate 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1
6 Sam. Concentrate 1, Discipline 3, Lore 1, Parry 3 Great Cleave
7 SS. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 2
8 SS. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1 INT+1 Greater Spell Pene.
9 SS. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1 Weaponfocus Katana
10 SS. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1
11 SS. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1
12 SS. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1 INT+1 2 weapon fighting
13 SS. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1
14 SS. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1
15 SS. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1 Ambidexterity
16 SS. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1, Jump 9 INT+1
17 Sam. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Parry 11
18 Wiz. Concentrate 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 2 improved 2 weapon fighting
19 Wiz. Concentrate 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1 Extend Spell
20 Wiz. Concentrate 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1 INT+1
21 Wiz. Concentrate 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1 Greater 2 weapon fighting
22 Wiz. Concentrate 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1
23 Wiz. Concentrate 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1
24 Wiz. Concentrate 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1 STR+1, Improved crit katana, Epic Spell Pene.
25 Wiz. Concentrate 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1
26 Wiz. Concentrate 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1
27 SS. Concentrate 1, Jump 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1 Epic Weapon Focus Katana
28 SS. Concnetrate 1, Discipline 11, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1 STR+1 Epic Prowess
29 SS. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1
30 SS. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1 Epic Toughness I
31 Sam Concentrate1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Parry 14 Epic Toughness II
32 SS. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1 Lore 1, Spellcraft 2 STR+1, Epic Toughness III
33 SS. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1 Epic Toughness IV
34 SS. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1
35 SS. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Spellcraft 1 Epic Toughness V
36 Sam. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Lore 1, Parry 5 STR+1 Epic Toughness VI
37 Sam. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Intimidate 40, Lore 1, Parry 1
38 Sam. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Intimid 1, Lore 1, Parry 1 Epic Toughness VII
39 Sam. Concentrate 1, Discipline 1, Intimid 1, Lore 1, Parry 1 EpicToughness VIII
40 Sam. Concentrate 1, Craft Armor 13, Discipline 1, Initimid 1, Lore 1, Parry 1, Tumble 21 STR+1
That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

June 05, 2009, 02:42:49 PM
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I would have posted this build sooner, but i was having too much fun playing it! I took this build all the way thru SOU and HOTU (just now killed meph).

This was inspired by Lockindal's master of shapes build. I love the whole shift/mimic concept, and i love magic, but i wanted to do combat too; take advantage of some of the fighting abilities of the shifted forms. Moreover, i hate lugging around crap waiting to sell it at some store.

so... I give you The Recycler: master of recycling materials, magic, and forms. This build pretty much has it all; ability to cast epic spells, ability to craft (and recraft) weapons of mass destruction at will, ability to become almost anything in the game (short of Meph himself), 3 primary and 2 offhand attacks, decent spellcasting (no master wiz tho), the ability to recycle just about any item into something usefull (even better if you have an electrifier too), the ability to gain serious immunities and special attacks from shifted forms, good hitpoints, and last but not least, dev crit!

her 'tis:

1. Samurai (Use the beta char creator from this site; works great - i gave my guy a lizard tail because of "early experiments into shifting into animals")
-dwarf (gain 2 usefull stat points for dropping two charisma, and some nice other abilities too)
-base stats:
16 ST
15 DX
16 CN
14 IN
8 WI
6 CH
-base skills: conc, disc, lore, persuade, tumble, craft wep
-feat: two-weapon fighting (you'll eventually want to be dual wielding your custom katanas of doom)

2. Wizard (generalist) -skills: spellcraft (keep this maxed when taking wiz levels)

3. Wiz - skills: lore, tumble, spell. Feat: ambidex

4. Wiz - increase int. skills: conc, lore, spell

5. Wiz - skills: lore, spell, tumble

6. Wiz - skills: lore, spell, craft wep. Feats: alertness (required), empower ~or~ extend ~or~ craft wand (all pretty usefull; the utilitarian choice is craft wand, the combat choice extend, and the spell power choice is empower). at this level, craft wand is most usefull, later empower will be better, but ya gotta choose here and leave the other two behind. I picked craft wand (to stay in character - recycling bones into usefull wands - note you need craft wep of 5 to get bones to begin with).

7. Wiz - skills: lore, spell, tumble

8. wiz - increase st. skills: conc, lore, spell

9. wiz - skills: conc, spell, tumble. Feat: power attack

10. Sam - skills: conc, discipline, lore, persuade. Feat: cleave

11. Shifter - skills: conc, lore, pers, tumble

12. Shift - increase ST. skills: lore, animal empathy (don't go overboard here, it's mostly just for fun - seems you can charm most any animal when it hits about 12-15). Feat: practiced spellcaster (wizard)

13. Shift - skills: emp, conc, lore, tumble

14. Shift - skills: emp, conc, disc, heal (just a point)

15. shift - skills: lore, pers, tumble. Feat: Improved two wep (either here or next level, i forget, you get 3 primary attacks, so now you have 5 attacks; nice!)

16. shift - increase INT. skills: emp, conc, disc, lore

17. shift - skills: conc, disc, lore, tumb

18. shift - skills: conc, disc. Feat: imp. crit. (katana)

19. shift - skills: emp, pers, tumb

20. shift - increase ST. skills: disc, pers

end pre-epic.

your char has 5 attacks (total), can mimic anything they see (of current char level or lower), has decent spellcasting backup and buffs (better if picked empower), has good hitpoints, and hopefully some decent self-made weapons of mass destruction - which you will promptly loose in HOTU *sigh*. Bring lots of cash with you into hotu so you can make new weps for yourself.

before we go into epic levels:

tips on making katanas:

1. you can add a max of 8 abilities (including temp damage?) so plan ahead.

2. you can drop your katana if need be by making sure it won't fit into your inventory, then swaping a diff wep in. sometimes, this will make the katana tradeable/saleable/recyclable; i'm not sure why, tho you can still upgrade it (if it was upgradeable before dropping, of course).

3. add your general enhancement class abilities before you max out on your offensive abilities, or add an on-hit spell ability. otherwise, it will stop your ability to add further general enhancements (via your own ability, anyway, you can still add general enhancements via smiths). example: max boosting int (+5) before maxing elemental damage (2d12) or adding on-hit slow.

4. This build depends heavily on boosting int on your weps to boost spellcasting abilities; keep that in mind when building your katanas

5. you can add a total number of enhancements equal to half your total char level (not just samurai levels, tho that might change in the next patch). so at level 20, you can add 10 enhancement levels to your katana (via your own abilities).

6. costs increase at 4K per additional enhancement; 2K for 1st. so:

2K, 4K, 8K, 12K, etc.

7. if u add an on-hit spell ability of any kind (including level drain) you will not be able to add temp damage from flame wep spell.

8. experimenting suggests that slow is the most usefull on-hit spell ability IMO. as a side note, samurai levels over 10 will add levels to the on-hit spell ability. (and spell casting ability if you add one)

9. always remember you can start a new katana at any time if the one(s) you are using aren't working out. costs will start over again at 2K too.

10. you can only add one kind of elemental damage, trying to add another will waste the money you spent, AND still count as an enhancement level! I like cold damage most, then electrical. fire you can always add magically (provided you didn't add an on-hit spell). acid can be added via the hotu smith, but it will be half the strength (2d6) of what you can add yourself.

11. early on, you probably will find magic weps that are better than the katanas you can make, so you can build your katana so it will be powerfull later; I suggest this priority for a first katana:
add +1 enchant 1st (so at least it's magical)
add three levels of elemental damage.
so at char level 8, you have a wep that deals 1d10 plus 2d12 elemental, plus 1d8 fire (if you cast flame wep).
add on hit slow at next level, (no more flame wep ) then start a new katana (this will be for your off-hand wep later, use a short sword or dagger until it is up to speed):
+1 enchant
5 levels of boost int (as soon as you can)
3 levels of elemental damage
add on-hit slow at next level, then stop and start another katana to replace your primary wep; add int to this one too.

eventually, you will want two katanas that add a total of 10 to your int. You can fine-tune this to fit whatever your current circumstances are. here's an example at level 20:


+5 int
+1 enchant
2d12 cold damage
on hit slow


+5 int
+2 enchant
2d12 electrical
(can cast flame wep to add another 1d10+ fire damage)

note: add as little enchant enhancement as possible, if u are going to play HOTU, as that can be added by smith (so can keen, haste, true sight, etc.).


toss up here between a level of wiz for true level 5 spells, or being able to use special abilites from mimiced critters. I went with the latter:

21. shift - skills: lore, search, tumble, Feat: great ST I

22. wiz - skills: spellcraft

23. wiz - skills: spell, tumb

24. wiz - increase ST. skills: spell. Feat: great cleave

25. wiz - skills: spell, tumb

26. wiz - skills: conc, lore, spell

27. Sam - skills: disc, tumb. Feat: Great ST II

28. Sam - increase ST. skills: conc, disc, lore, persuade

29. Sam - skills: conc, disc, lore, pers, tumb. Feat: Overwhelming crit (*note there seems to be a bug as it does not require wep focus??)

30. wiz - skills: lore, spell. Feat: Great ST III

31. wiz - skills: lore, spell, tumb. Feat: Great INT II

32. Sam - increase ST. skills: conc, disc, pers

33. Sam - skills: disc, lore. Feat: DEVASTATING CRIT!

34. wiz - skills: lore, spell, tumb

35. wiz - skills: lore, spell, tumb

36. wiz - increase INT. skills: conc, lore, spell. Feat: Maximize spell (better late than never)

37. wiz - skills: conc, lore, spell, tumb

38. wiz - skills: conc, lore, spell. Feat: Great INT III

39. wiz - skills: the usual. Feat: users choice; i picked heavy armor because i had so many nice armors i wanted to try out. a better choice would be toughness, for the 40 extra hps.

40. Sam - increased ST (total 26). Feat: knockdown (again, total choice here)

well, there ya have it. it's a blast experimenting with the different critters to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. some tips for early HOTU:

-find and ressurect linu ASAP and have her summon some elder elementals for you to mimic.

-find the "evil nymph" in the bomb makers area and mimic it/epic shift. that thing has incredible special abilities and great resists/combat skills!

- many forms will only be useable in the chapter you are currently in; these usually start with resrefs that don't have nw or x2 or x0 to start.

That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

June 05, 2009, 02:43:04 PM
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We have all seen those Asian animes and movies with those superhuman ninja flying around the roofs and samurai drawing weapons at faster than light speed. So, why not play one in NWN?

This build actually came about when I tried to make a Yoda character using Soulknife, and Iaijustsu. That didn?t work out due to the fact that I couldn?t figure out how to use Iaijustsu Attack with the Mind Blade since it disappears once un-equipped. It still had very impressive stats however so I just rebuilt it to what it is now. It just so happened that the abilities of the build matched those of samurai and ninja in anime and movies so it became the Anime Supersamurai build.


Ninja 9 / Samurai 20 / Iaijutsu Master 11

Variant Builds:

Ninja 10 / Samurai 20 / Iaijutsu Master 10 (gain Ghost Step)
Ninja 10 / Samurai 19 / Iaijutsu Master 11 (gain Ghost Step, & Echoes of the Edge)
*Ninja 10 / Samurai 17 / Iaijutsu Master 14 (gain Ghost Step, EotE & 2x Spirit Strike)
*Ninja 9 / Samurai 21 / Iaijutsu Master 10 (Gain Epic Daisho +1 feat, lose EotE)
**Ninja 9 / Samurai 30 / Iaijutsu Master 1 (Gain Epic Daisho +1 feat, lose Iaijutsu Strike)

* In retrospect these are probably the best all round builds to either take advantage of Iaijutsu Strike or Epic Daisho. I didn?t use these in the example below but that was just an early concept build.

** This build will give you access to even better weapons through Daisho however you will lose almost all your Iaijutsu Master abilities. In this case you are only taking Iaijutsu Master for Katana Finesse & Canny Defense (AC bonus from INT in this case 1AC). This build requires you to rethink a lot of stuff. Not recommended.

Beware of taking Samurai any lower than 17 else you will not get optimal enchantments on the samurai weapons. Optionally, simply replace Samurai altogether with just about any other class you like but I don't see why anyone would want to lose the Daisho ability. With 18+ levels to spare, you could take a spell caster to level 9 spells but beware the low AB and loss of at least 1 attack per round if you take a caster.

Race: This build needs every stat except for strength so almost any race will be fine just be sure it can dual wield a medium weapon in the main hand (no small races). For extra cheesiness, take an Illithid or Rakshasa but beware their experience penalties and the fact that they are incredibly cheesy. For a more ?legal? build pick up a Human or Half-Elf so that you can level them up faster. For this guide, I actually used a Brownie who cant dual wield (I was trying to make Yoda and failed) but I do not recommend that at all since you will miss out on all the enchantments you can place into your off hand Samurai wakisashi (short sword). Just remember to adjust the stats below to match your race selection.

Recommendation: Human or Half-Elf

Alignment: Lawful (required for Iaijutsu Master)

Starting Stats: You will gain AC bonuses from Dex (also +AB once you have Iaijutsu Master), Int, & Wis!!!! Use those starting points wisely and spread them out between those stats. Iaijutsu Attack uses your Cha modifier, but the return on that will be very minor compared to skills and feats invested but it is useful nonetheless just note that +1, 2, or 3 to the Iaijutsu skill isn?t going to make or break this build. Con is important for obvious reasons? more HP?s = less death. Strength will only be important till you take your 1st Iaijutsu Level. After that its only usefulness is allowing to carry more loot. If you really want to, feel free to move Cha points to Str to help you early on and for convenience later. In order of importance you want DEX, WIS, INT, CON then CHA & STR.

Recommendation: Assuming Human
(Hardcore v1) <Hardcore v2>
STR 10 (8) <15>
DEX 14 (14) <14>
CON 14 (12) <10>
WIS 16 (16) <16>
INT 12 (12) <10>
CHA 10 (14) <10>

Put 2 points into WIS at some time so you can pick up Epic Daisho Feats
For a well balanced build put 8 points into DEX as you level for +4AC & +4AB
(For a hardcore v1 build put 8 points into CHA.)
<For a hardcore v1 build put 8 points into STR. You will need 2 more STR from feats>

Hardcore v1 will give a more powerful Iaijutsu attack but beware it will make you a 1-trick pony. If you can get CHA to 25 however you can gain access to the Legendary Commander feat.

Hardcore v2 will give you access to Devastating & Overwhelming Critical feats. This build will critical a lot, probably on average of 2 critical hits per round, so those feats can make short work out of a lot of enemies. I personally despise critical hit builds since they are situational. The thing is, most creatures will die in 1 or 2 rounds anyways so critical hits really aren?t necessary to begin with and tougher monsters are usually immune to it so at times when you need it the most, it will not even be available to you. I prefer to use my feats and ability points elsewhere but it is really up to you and how you want to play.

Level Progression: Is completely up to you but starting with Ninja gives you the most skill points to use. Simply play the 1st level as a rogue then switch right away to Samurai to maximize your AB and throw in up to 3 ninja levels before level 20 to maximize needed skills. IMPORTANT do not take more than 4 Ninja levels pre-level 20 or you will lose 1 AB in the final stats. Post-level 20, you can mix & match however you like. The Ninja is the least important of the build but it does help make the game more fun since it provide useful skills and more sneak damage for Iaijutsu Attack. You could replace ninja with rogue levels if you wish but then you would lose the Ninja AC feat and you would need to take the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat. I don't recommend that route since your AC and saving throws will suffer and the only real benefit will be the use magic device skill but you will have to invest heavily into hide and move silently whereas with ninja, you can go invisible via Ghost step and completely ignore those 2 skills. Also, try to hold off on Iaijutsu Master as long as possible to avoid the experience penalty of a third class.

Feats: 20 total (21 for humans). Improved Initiative & Weapon Focus Katana are required for Iaijutsu Master, but those are great feats anyway especially since Iaijutsu Attack requires an initiative check. Make sure to get all the initiative enhancing feats you can. Also remember that you will be able to enchant your weapons with feats as well. I would place haste and cleave on my wakizashi and forgo those feats entirely.

Recommendations: Anything that raised your AB with equipped weapons. Epic Daisho for better Samurai weapons (needs WIS 19), Dual wield feats. Initiative feats. Iaijutsu Attack focuses. Toughness, you will need the HP?s especially if you don't reroll.

Skills: Tons of points to use. Remember that you don't need to worry about hide and move silently since your initiative attacks will be high and the Ninja class can innately go invisible by using one of their ki. Use those skill points for other stuff unless you reaaaaallly love sneaking around.

Recommendation: Tumble, Discipline, Iaijutsu Focus, Spot (to help against sneak attackers).

1: Ninja
2: Samurai
3: Samurai
4: Samurai +1 Dex
5: Samurai
6: Samurai
7: Ninja
8: Samurai +1 Dex
9: Samurai
10: Samurai
11: Samurai
12: Samurai +1 Dex
13: Ninja
14: Samurai
15: Samurai
16: Samurai +1 WIS
17: Samurai
18: Samurai
19: Ninja
20: Samurai +1 WIS
21: Samurai
22: Samurai
23: Samurai (recommend you take Epic WIS here to get 19 WIS)
24: Samurai (Level 20 Samurai)
25: Ninja +1 Dex
26: Iaijutsu Master
27: Iaijutsu Master
28: Iaijutsu Master +1 Dex
29: Iaijutsu Master
30: Iaijutsu Master
31: Ninja
32: Iaijutsu Master +1 Dex
33: Iaijutsu Master
34: Iaijutsu Master
35: Iaijutsu Master
36: Iaijutsu Master +1 Dex
37: Ninja
38: Ninja
39: Ninja (Level 9 Ninja)
40: Iaijutsu Master (Level 11 I.M.) +1 Dex


Balanced (Hardcore)
STR 10 (8)
DEX 24 (14)
CON 14 (14)
WIS 19 (19)
INT 12 (12)
CHA 10 (22)

- Using dexterity build
- Naked except for katana (+5 +1d4 cold) and wakizashi (+5 +haste +cleave)
- Completely unbuffed
- Note that this is not meant to be a hardcore cheesy build.

AC 35
HP 422 (without any rerolls)
Fort 24
Reflex 27
Will 26

Base Attack: 29
Main Hand: 43/38/33/28 (17-20) x2 @ 1d10 +5 +1d4 (Perma-Hasted)
Off Hand: 43/38/33 (19-20) x2 @ 1d6 +5
Sneak Damage: 5d6
+1 more attack from haste
8 Attacks total (I think)
+ Extra attacks from feat ?1 Strike 2 Cuts?
+ Iaijutsu Attack at the start of combat for good damage

Ending Skills:
Disable Traps 42
Discipline 44
Iaijutsu Focus 44 (+13 from feats = 57)
Open Locks 42
Persuade 40
Search 32
Spot 44
Tumble 54

- To actually use this guy to his full potential you need stat boosting items
o +INT crown will give him more AC
o +WIS necklace will give him more AC & Will
o +DEX belt will give him more AC & AB & Reflex
o +CHA cloak will grant more Iaijutsu damage
o + CON boots will grant more HP?s & Fortification
o Get some immunities and +AC and saving throws on the rest of the items

If you can get him the above items you can boost his AC another 20 or so, boost all his saving throws by about 4, boost his damage a little, & get him some much needed spell immunities.

~ This character hits so fast that I can?t really discern where rounds start and when they end. It almost seems like he is pulling off several sneak attacks per round along with rend, and 1 or 2 double attacks from ?1 Strike 2 Cuts.? I cant tell what his Iaijutsu Attack does because it keeps popping up errors in the combat text but the range I saw according to the floating numbers ranged between 36 & 72. Most of the hits don't even show up so I am not sure how good of a range that is. I ran through a few areas and killed everything in site in the OC, nothing survived past the 1st round if I used Iaijutsu Attack. Very rarely, there was something that made it to the second if I didn?t use Iaijutsu Attack. I did get hit a few times but then again I was naked.

Advantages: Very playable and very nicely balanced for a melee build. Tons of feats & skills. Resists are all within acceptable range, and AC is very high. You get very powerful weapons with permanent haste very early in the game for only about 25,000 gold worth of items. Add cleave for another 30,000 and you wont have to waste feats getting it. Iaijutsu Attack gives a nice burst of damage at the start of combat, and your high dexterity allows you to hit very frequently.

Disadvantage: Despite all the feats you get and the feats from Daisho, you will still want more. Upgrading your Daisho can get expensive depending on what you choose to put on them. Opening with Iaijutsu required me to un-equip both weapons and then re-equip them manually after the attack since it doesn't automatically re-equip the off hand wakizashi. I really didn?t like having to re-equip all the time and I am unsure of whether or not this was by design, or if I am missing something here. I had issues with Iaijutsu and Soulknife also like I mentioned up at the start of this guide. I for one would never play with the Iaijutsu Master class if I had to put up with that annoyance the entire time.

-Lastly, I was unable to make some of the weapons Stradivarius mentions in his builds. It seems to me that there is a cap of 200,000 points worth of enchantments on each weapon the samurai has. I reached those limits with the few enchantments I noted above. It was impossible to put something like 1d12 fire damage because it required a potential of over 300k. The 200,000 cap didn?t seem to change post Samurai level 17. It stayed the same up to level 21. You can still enchant them using normal ingame means however, so they can still be some of the best weapons in the game. EDIT: I learned that to make those weapons you need to have an Epic Samurai with 19+ WIS. With that knowledge you could re-arrange the levels to gain better samurai weapons.
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