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Author Topic: 2da tables  (Read 347 times)

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March 29, 2019, 06:57:40 PM

Hello! I recently installed NWN EE steam version alongside the PRC 1.7.1 from steam workshop, and Tony K AI from NWN vault.
I also have the GoG version, and the Diamond Version CD retail. I'm a big fan... hehehe.

I have a problem, I used to modify the 2da file named cls_feat_pal.2da in the prc_2da.hak, to change the levels in wich the paladin skills are gained, ex: Smite Evil in the 1st lvl, Lay on Hands on 2nd lvl, Turn Undead in the 4 lvl, etc. to bring it more closely with 3.5 edition.

I used to do this in the GoG version and in the Retail Version, and the changes are reflected in the game, but in the EE Steam version not! Why? How can i change this?

Thanks in advance;