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December 29, 2018, 08:56:56 PM
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Before I go into this, let me say i have already done a fair amount of searching and reading on the Lich class and template (which includes the old "Lich Help" post from back in 2011).

Here is the deal.  i am trying to figure out the explicit details on becoming a lich.  Based on what I have read, there are two possible methods.  The obvious is to take "Lich" as a prestige class.  The obvious downside to this is it eats up character levels that could be used in something else.  The second, and apparently preferred method is to use the "Lich Template"...which (in theory but not in practice) does not require taking any levels in the Lich class...according to what I have read on the forum.  Maybe it is addressed in some newer post that I haven't made it to yet, but this appears to be the case.

What I have done to test this is create a LE human wizard with the "craft wondrous items" feat and 21st level.    The option appeared to accept the lich template (as expected).  The problem is, the "Craft Lich Item" feat is not granted unless I take a level in the "Lich Class".  This instantly destroys the benefit of the "Lich Template" because I am forced to take a level in the class. 

So, my (obvious by now) question is, "Is this correct?  Is the template now pointless?  Or, is this a bug and the 'craft lich item' feat is supposed to be given when a character gains the template?"

December 31, 2018, 02:45:35 AM
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You are correct. 

One is a true class, where you have to allocate levels. The other is a template, which effectively gives you 10 more levels to place as you wish - usually on caster levels. The Lich class has a much stronger DR, but at the expense of 10 (caster) levels. The class gives a phylactery that you can upgrade and the ability to create Soul gems through the Craft Lich items feat.

The template also gives you extra's like a very high DC Weird, Harm and various Monster Summoning at will via the radials. As far as I know, the lich touch and disguise are the same. I don't think the template uses a phylactery (hence the absence of Craft Lich items feat) and the ability bonuses don't stack with items, so if you want them to stack you'll have to increase them manually. I think once your caster level gets high enough a new template will appear (the dreaded): Demilich.

If you really want (????) a phylactery, max out the class & phylactery upgrades - write down the stats, and you can toolset them later for the template version along with the Soul Gems. The Soul gems are great at wasting the uber-class (monk) as it bypasses their generally irreducible SR.

It is more handy to have the powers on the radial, [you equip something else in that slot], the Weird DC is pretty high to boot, and who doesn't love Harm & Monster Summon IX at will?

The Soul gems can be generated using the toolset with the instructions at the very bottom of this post:

Spawn as many as you need. Using them changes your alignment, so if you want to stay neutral to avoid smites, you'll need the NAM (NWN Alignment Manager).

Unless you are making a god-mode tank, the template is the better choice.

Would be cool for you to post your build here:
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