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Author Topic: PnP Shifter creature weapons don't work  (Read 704 times)

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July 05, 2017, 02:22:47 PM

Hello eveyone! It seems that i've got a problem.

Let's say we have a druid 10/pnp shifter 10. Then he transforms into a clay golem and gets its 2d10 slam creature weapon.
If i am in a singleplayer game, everything works as intended, i deal huge amounts of damage and crush their faces in no time.
But if i am using a server (to utiize this class with NWNX2 functionality), then the damage appears to be my regular 1d3 medium fist + whatever STR bonus i have.
My char list says that everything is fine. i have my 2d10 slam equipped, but the damage log says the opposite.
Any advice? Perhaps anyone else had the same problem? Would appreciate the help.

Did a bit more testing. When launching a server without NWNX2, everything works just as intended (except for white stat changes, since there's no NWNX2 functionality).

UPD: Looks like that any natural weapon equipped by player while NWNX2 is on is not going to work as intended. Just tested it with DM's client, spawned and equipped a badger companion claw (lvl 40 with +5 enchantment), and it was only dealing 6-8 damage, that equals to 1d3 of a fist and +5 from an enchantment. Ugh, please, i could really use some help here.
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July 07, 2017, 06:23:28 AM
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OKAY, it seems that i solved it. After some testing i've been able to pinpoint the problem, and that was nwnx_patch.dll from community patch 1.72. Replacing it with 1.71 version did the trick. Glad this is over. But then, that means i've gone trough the whole HotU using only my fists, str bonus or not. Sheesh.