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Author Topic: Modding a Class - Stacking Caster Levels  (Read 504 times)

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May 03, 2017, 03:16:54 PM
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Trying to mod a new class, want to add some functionality of the Mystic Theurge to another class.  For testing I'm modding the Brawler class (one I don't have much interest in.)

Firstly I have done the obvious in classes.2da in setting the columns of ArcSpellLvlMod and DivSpellLvlMod to 1.  Secondly, I've done a text search of many extracted hakpak files for the class constant of CLASS_TYPE_MYSTIC_THEURGE and wherever it is referenced added the new class constant that I'm using on the old Brawler line.  This mostly adds stuff in the const files etc. 

The one of interest is called "prc_inc_castlvl.nss" I've added lines in there to match the Mystic Theurge.  These are mostly include files so no need for compiling. :) Strangely there are a lot of class constants listed in the prc_scripts/prc_feats.nss but not one for the MT so that's a problem avoided.

I boot up the game, take a couple levels of Druid and Wizard, then add the modded brawler class.  The spell slots  for both classes increase. :)  This is good.  However if I add several of the modded classes so that the caster level stacking should put the Wizard and Druid to '6' each I can't seem to add the Craft Wondrous Item feat which only requires '3'.  I can see it, I can add it, but on finalising the level up the game undoes the levelup, takes off 1000 XP, adds 1000 XP and says I didn't have a sufficient caster level to have the Craft Wondrous Item feat.

So what have I missed to make this work?

Sidenote: Incidentally looking at the NWN log files I'm still getting the prc_brawler.nss file loaded even though the classes.2da line has a different constant for that class now.  So I'm thinking there is a hardcoded 'class 254' variable somewhere that loads it.