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August 09, 2016, 06:47:35 AM
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Hi I stumbled upon these issues and questions while playing or planning for a class or during character creation.

1. Metamagic
1.1 Played as a Cleric but really wanted the extra domain sun, multiclassed with contemplative, get the spells but can't seem to use metamagic with them.
1.2 Planned to make a character with dragonbreath my guess is that metamagic wont work for it or will it? If I multiclass into Thrall of Grazzt, would that bump up the damage?

2. Domains
2.1 Do Prestige Class domain restrictions applying to other classes with domains?
2.2 If I get the a bonus domain it adds an effect to the turning ability, do I need to trigger it from the bonus domain? Sun domain killing undead that would've been turned, many other allowing the       turning of other types of enemies.
2.3 What are the effects of manually adding a base domain after having two already, not the bonus one?
2.4 Does the healing domain as an extra domain still enhance your healing spells? And animal bonus domain with summons?

3. Dragonblooded races should at least in obvious cases have the proper dragon heritage, Silverbrow human having the Silver Dragon Heritage and likewise with the other races mentioning a specific dragon type. It's not immersive to have the blood of a silver dragon and need to spend a feat to get it.

4. Spells
4.1 Would be very useful to be able to unlearn spells especially in singleplayer, makes it easier to find what you'd be looking for and get rid of spells you don't want to use, usually useless spells and spells of opposite alignment.
4.1 It would be very useful to have your spell rotation applied to you trough 1 action instead of a chain of spells because that takes a while to cast, at least in singleplayer.
4. 3I'm worried in the caster level of stored spells, the prc menu changing the caster level of such items has to be done every time you load a save which is tedious, why not an option to cats at the character's caster level?
4.4 What is the community's thoughts of giving up two of the previous level spell slots for one of the next tier? Cantrips seem largely useless and low level spells don't penetrate usually especially if casted trough a wand or something.
4.5 I was planning to be a sorcerer Thrall of Grazzt but it feels crippling that you wont learn new spells, then comes the compensation of reduced caster level, you can't pick archmage as a sorcerer, practised spell caster gives 3 and spell penetration feats stop at 6, Shadow Adept is wizard only. The cleric class isn't affected because it always knows the spells it should know at each caster level is is just a matter of unlocking the spell level.
4.6 Do you think there's a point in making a Prestige class for Shadow weave compatible with divine casters such as the cleric so it isn't just a feat?
Shadow adept being compatible with Archivist and possibly some more classes?

5. Converting to the new spellbook with Bioware's classes, does their spell book stop working or are you simply able to work things out both ways?

6. Probably not possible but what are the possibilities of making some base classes into some kind of template to make some things available to other classes such as the bioware spellbook. I'd imagine teh wizard/archivist "template" would beb ased on the Wizard class with the properties of the spellbok mostly, then the diferent base classes specify what makes them unique such as divine or arcane casting. Sorcerer's casting is spontaneus and would work for many classes. But I think this is more relevant for classes that need to memorize spells, thus the cleric could make a good "template" for such things too. Choosing the base classes themselves you wouldn't notice any difference except prc classes would use the bioware spellbook.

7. I suppose it's not possible to clear away feats from the feat list when leveling up that aren't compatible with your character, like a feat for evil characters when you're a good one.

8. About the PnP shifter, in which way are the attributes changed? Do you keep all the mental ones at the same level or can they be reduced and enhanced? Want to know that in order to spend attribute points in a good way.

9. If some of these things would be addressed, would it be done like a patch or a new version of PRC? Know it's a bit unlikely when it seems pretty abandoned now.

10. What are the possibilities of getting Neverwinter Nights source code and make things accessible from within the game, I feel you could also upgrade a lot of things, know when spell effects will wear off and where they came from. Adding full control over your companion or simply manually control some of his actions and spells, fixing his spell book etc.

11. Attune gem feat creates a gem with the name of the spell cast on it but I can't see how to use it since there's not a new radial menu choice that allows you to cast the spell.
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