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June 04, 2009, 04:26:30 PM

This is the first class I have in mind from those I've designed for DnD. Once I get a better handle on the rules, I'll convert it to Dragon Age. Class is in the second post.
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June 04, 2009, 04:39:09 PM
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[size=28]Ritual Warrior[/size]

"I will sunder your spirit and drink of its energy!"
? Katorn Redblade, Orc Ritual Warrior

Ritual Warriors have broken from the main ritual tradition by no longer sacrificing themselves or their enemies in long, elaborate ceremonies. Instead, they have brought rituals to the battlefield, incorporating them into the mayhem and killing of the melee. Ritual Warriors believe that any who see their friends sacrificed, their souls rent asunder, will be cowed, no longer able to fight to their full potential, and they spend years developing techniques that allow them to enhance this; the theatrical pose as they feel the ritual's power flow into them, the flourish at the end of a finishing strike, words and gestures that scare all those who can feel fear. Ritual Warriors can still perform rituals normally, and try to never go into battle completely undefended, but their ability to cow an opponent makes them never worried about anyone they see.

[size=20]Making a Ritual Warrior[/size]
Ritual Warriors blend the art of ritual and the dance of combat from the day they began to be trained. Not focused simply on gory killing as the Ceremonial Butchers that some of them become, they look to use their skill in combat to defeat enemies without ever crossing blades with them. The faster and sooner their enemies flee, the less harm is done to them or to their allies. They practice techniques to this end, cutting away at the strengths of an enemy creature, wearing at both their mind and their body, reducing their enemies step by step, until they collapse and their souls are sucked into the Ritual Warrior, giving him fresh energy for another target.

Abilities: A Ritual Warrior uses intelligence to determine what level of ritual he can perform. If he has less than 11intelligence, he cannot perform any rituals. Strength is essential to performing well in combat. A Ritual Warrior needs a high Constitution, standing inside of melee range of even the toughest creatures.

Races: Ritual Warriors can be found among almost any race where a ritual magic tradition and a warrior tradition exist, and even where those do not, there are always a select few who learn to imbue themselves with ritual magic as they fight. Even so, they are at best uncommon among any race, although certain areas of Thay and Rasheman have a higher than average concentration, due to the heavy use of arcane rituals (Circle magic).

Alignment: Ritual Warriors can come from any point on the spectrum, but tend towards lawful and, if not evil, at least neutral, for few can reconcile the brutal slaying and disfiguration with the tenets of the higher realms.

Starting Gold: 5d4 x 10.

Starting Age: Complex (As Wizard).

Table 1: The Ritual Warrior
Hit Die: d10

Code: [Select]
Level  BAB            Ref  Fort  Will  Abilities                          Rituals Known  Maximum Ritual Level
1      +1             +0   +2    +0    Finishing Strike                    ?              ?
2      +2             +1   +3    +1    Disfigure Corpse                    ?              ?  
3      +3             +1   +3    +1    Rituals of Combat                   ?              ?  
4      +4             +2   +4    +2                                        1              1  
5      +5             +2   +4    +2    Channelling Crush                   2              1  
6      +6/+1          +3   +5    +3    Cleaving Sacrifice                  2              1  
7      +7/+2          +3   +5    +3    Bloodflay                           3              1    
8      +8/+3          +2   +6    +2                                        4              2
9      +9/+4          +3   +6    +3    Rituals of Combat                   5              2
10     +10/+5         +3   +7    +3    Furious Release                     6              2
11     +11/+6/+1      +3   +7    +3    Eviscerator                         7              3
12     +12/+7/+2      +4   +8    +4    Cowing Prowess                      8              3
13     +13/+8/+3      +4   +8    +4                                        9              3
14     +14/+9/+4      +4   +9    +4    Strike of Finality                  10             4
15     +15/+10/+5     +5   +9    +5    Rituals of Combat                   11             4
16     +16/+11/+6/+1  +5   +10   +5                                        12             4
17     +17/+12/+7/+2  +5   +10   +5    Twinned Sacrifice                   13             5
18     +18/+13/+8/+3  +6   +11   +6                                        14             5
19     +19/+14/+9/+4  +6   +11   +6    Binding                             14             5
20     +20/+15/+10/+5 +6   +12   +6    Ritual Attunement                   15             5

Class Skills (2 + Int modifier per level, x4 at first level): Climb, Concentration, Craft, Jump, Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (Religion), Profession, Ride, Spellcraft, Swim.

[size=20]Class Features[/size]
A pure merging of Sword and Ritual, within you they combine to create a series of strikes and flourishes that shake your enemy and steal his soul. Always land the finishing blow, for in that single strike you can do more than in all others hewing away at a foe.

Weapon and Armour Proficiency: Ritual Warriors are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, with all types of armour (heavy, medium, and light), and with shields (except tower shields).

Finishing Strike: If the Ritual Warrior kills a creature with a melee attack, he may choose one ritual that he knows, and for which the creature meets the requirements. He gains the effects of that ritual, but at a highly reduced duration of only one minute per hit dice of the slain creature. Each time the Ritual Warrior gains a ritual through this ability, he gets a +1 bonus to attack that lasts until the end of the encounter (This bonus stacks with itself). The Ritual Warrior can not affect the ritual through feats, and the hit dice cap still applies. The Ritual Warrior must be in combat to use this ability.

Disfigure Corpse: As a swift action, the ritual warrior may mutilate the corpse of a fallen foe, marking himself with the blood of the slain creature. All creatures within 5' per two class levels must make a will save versus 10 + ? class level + the hit dice of the dead creature or be shaken for 1 minute.

Rituals of Combat: When the Ritual Warrior kills a creature with a Finishing Strike, instead of activating a normal ritual, he may choose instead to have the dead creature's soul power a Ritual of Combat. All of these rituals last for the duration of the encounter, and end when he has been out of combat for one minute. He may only have one Ritual of Combat active at any time.
[ulist=square]Warrior's Ritual: The Ritual Warrior's skill and prowess improves as the energy flowing into him gifts him new insight into combat. He learns one new feat for every seven hit dice of the sacrifice (minimum of one feat). He must meet all prerequisites of the new feats.
Berserker's Ritual: The Ritual Warrior gains +1 Strength enhancement bonus for every three hit dice of the sacrifice (minimum of +1).
Defender's Ritual: The Ritual Warrior gains +1 Natural Armour enhancement bonus for every three hit dice of the sacrifice (minimum of +1), and can choose to make one extra attack during a full attack option. If he does so, all attacks are made at a ?2 penalty. However, he cannot use any skills or abilities that require patience or focus, such as moving silently or performing Rituals.
Dreadnought's Ritual: The Ritual Warrior simply shrugs off blows under the effect of this ritual, gaining damage reduction of X/magic, where X is equal to one point for every three hit dice of the sacrifice (minimum of 1/magic).
Dancer's Ritual: The weapon that performed the Finishing Strike is animated as per the Dancing enhancement, except that it dances for the full duration of the ritual.
Duellist's Ritual: The Ritual Warrior strikes with precision and purpose, cutting through to the weak points of a creature's defence. He deals 1d6 precise strike for every five hit dice of the sacrifice (minimum of 1d6).[/ulist]
Channelling Crush: Slamming his weapon into a foe as he channels the energy of a ritual through the weapon, the Ritual Warrior deals an extra five damage per hit dice of the expended ritual. This takes a standard action.

Cleaving Sacrifice: If the Ritual Warrior kills a creature with a Channelling Crush, he gets an immediate extra attack against a creature within reach. If he used Finishing Strike on the attack that activated this ability, he may immediately perform another Channelling Crush against the new target. This otherwise functions exactly like the Cleave feat.

Bloodflay: The ritual warrior pounds away upon the body of his foe, hitting in the same location time and again, widening the vicious wounds caused there. The first time the ritual warrior strikes a foe, he does normal damage. Each subsequent time, he adds a stacking bonus of 1d6 damage of the same type as his weapon deals, with a maximum damage bonus per strike equal to ? his class level rounded up. When he gains this ability at level 7, after 5 strikes on a foe he does the maximum +4d6 damage per hit. At level 20, he could deal a maximum of +10d6 per blow after 11 strikes.

Furious Release: The Ritual Warrior channels a ritual affecting him into a brilliant burst of energy. Every creature, friend or foe, within 5' per hit dice of the sacrifice used to create the ritual takes 2d6 damage per hit dice of the sacrifice. This takes a standard action, and does not affect the Ritual Warrior.

Eviscerator: The ritual warrior has learned new techniques for inspiring fear among all his foes. If he critical hits a creature and does more than 10 damage, all enemies within 5' per class level who have the same or less hit dice than the foe struck are sickened for one minute. Whenever the Ritual Warrior kills a creature with a Finishing Strike, it is treated as a critical hit for the purposes of this ability.

Cowing Prowess: Depending on the type of weapon wielded, the Ritual Warrior can perform strikes designed to break the foe of any physical gift or strength he may possess. If a healing spell is cast on the creature during combat, all penalties from Cowing Prowess abilities are removed. The penalties from these abilities stack with themselves.
[ulist=square]Flay the Hide: Slashing and hacking at the limbs of his foe, the Ritual Warrior carves away pieces of flesh and skin. If the Ritual Warrior strikes his foe for more than ten damage from a slashing weapon (after damage reduction and other magical effects), he reduces their Attack Bonus or Natural Armour by 1 (player's choice), until the next time the creature can heal.
Bonecrusher: Hammering at the bones of his foe, the Ritual Warrior seeks to shatter his opponents resistance and body. If the Ritual Warrior strikes his foe for more than ten damage from a bludgeoning weapon (after damage reduction and other magical effects), he deals 1 point of Constitution damage from cracked bones, until the next time the creature can heal.
Stab the Vitals: Poking and prodding at the vital areas of a creature, the Ritual Warrior seeks to penetrate flesh, twisting and stabbing into areas that will do the most damage. If the Ritual Warrior strikes his foe for more than ten damage from a piercing weapon (after damage reduction and other magical effects), he deals 1 point of Strength or Dexterity damage (player's choice), until the next time the creature can heal.[/ulist]
Strike of Finality: Focusing the energy of a ritual into a single melee attack, the Ritual Warrior attempts to slay the struck creature. If it fails on a Fortitude save of 10 + 1/2 Ritual Warrior level + hit dice of expended ritual, the creature dies. This does not work on creatures immune to death effects, and takes a standard action. This cannot be used with Finishing Strike to gain a ritual.

Twinned Sacrifice: Whenever the Ritual Warrior kills a creature using Finishing Strike, he gains the benefits of any two rituals that the sacrifice's hit dice qualified for. Both of these rituals count against the hit dice cap, and if this would exceed the cap, the ability fails (He may still use Finishing Strike normally).

Binding: Any ritual created through a Finishing Strike now has a duration of one hour per hit dice of the sacrifice.

Ritual Attunement: The many hours, weeks, and years of wielding ritual magic and weapons have merged them into one tool, no longer separate in the eyes of the Ritual Warrior. He gains a +1 enhancement bonus to attack, damage, and armour class for every four hit dice of rituals affecting him that he has created.
That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.