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Character Builds / Re: Prestige Class: Sublime Chord
« on: May 12, 2016, 11:39:05 AM »
What exactly did WoTC ever get right?

The Beguiler.

Nothing else.


Character Builds / Re: Prestige Class: Sublime Chord
« on: May 10, 2016, 01:57:02 AM »
What would you use if you didn't want to play an overpowered race like Nymph? I think it takes away from the fun of playing. I think I would like a character similar to that one, but with a race that has a level adjustment no higher than +2. Since LA is not implemented in NWN, using rakshasas and nymphs feels downright dirty to me xD Aside from Human, what would be a good choice? Also, is the Arcane Duelist worth it then?

Hey, Shalvan. One Hell of a late response, but that's what us two get for browsing a dead Forum.

I'm pondering a similiar issue.
The PrC Pack DOES actually have the option to emulate Level Adjustments and even Racial Hit Dice with some of its "Switches" (found in the Options Dialouge, hit the +1 on every of the intuitively named switches; However, with NWNs strict limits on the amount of classes - which Racial HD count as, I'd avoid activating Racial HD at all cost)

But that creates the opposite issue: Suddenly you got some immovable object on the Battlefield, near-immortal but absolutely unable to do anything worthwhile, as her obscenely high LA puts her too far behind the curve to do anything for most of her career.
Man, did WoTc do a terrible job with LA.

Might wanna consider a Catfolk or Satyr for races that are "only a bit broken" without LA and could be made to work with LA.

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