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Help / Can not run prc properly on server, noob needs help
« on: January 08, 2014, 02:21:55 AM »
After join Lan game, all prc classes simply become "Barbarian".

prc_inc_unarmed seems to be the script to look at - just starting to have a play around with stuff now, but as I see you're around I thought I might as well post.

Edit: Not quite. The problem is that nothing's setting the local int "CALL_UNARMED_FISTS" on you, so unarmed_caller isn't actually running anything in prc_inc_unarmed. If you stick "SetVarInt CALL_UNARMED_FISTS 1" into the debug console and target yourself, then rest, it should sort itself out.

You will most likely have to do this every time you rest, though, or make a quick text macro that will do it for you. A more permanent solution is to replace unarmed_caller with a fixed version, or take one of the prestige classes that will do it for you (enlightened fist, sacred fist, shou disciple, henshin mystic, or initiate of draconic mysteries).

Thank you! I didn't notice that prestige classes will fix this.

Trolls have natural weapons - could it be that you're using their claws rather than your "fists"?

I have already chosen "unarmed" via PRC option dialog. I leveled the Troll Monk to lv4 later, and the panel showed 1-8 damage, the same as that of a medium size lv4 monk.

Base Classes / Does size have anything to do with Monk unarmed damage?
« on: January 03, 2014, 04:35:29 AM »
Made a Troll Monk, and the panel showed 1d6 unarmed damage on lv1.

I looked into prc_inc_switch.nss, but failed to find any switch about size effect on  Monk unarmed damage.

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