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Character Builds / Re: Help improve my Bard/Assasin/Sublime Chord
« on: January 05, 2014, 01:28:36 AM »
Well, that wont work, since you can only take 10+ assasin levels at epic levels, which would mean i'd either get 10 bard levels (for no benefit and another 5 caster levels down the drain) for more BAB.

Anyhow, this build is really strong at none sneak attack immune settings, but mostly you just get swarmed with undead, constructs and the like, thus left with a brickton of foes, a handful of high level spells and 6 attacks per round at mediocre BAB/damage.

Tho, i think thats fine. Superior versatility (kinda beeing able to do everything) was my first idea anyhow, and the build does that just fine.

As is, i'd settle for 5 Bard 10 Assasin 1 Bard 4 Sublime for pre epic.

Another 5 Sublime and save the last for 40, rest assasin. Thats enough skillpoints to max UMD/Tumble Lore and Spellcraft, fill all the performance prequisites for SL songs, fill out any disable trap/lock you could possibly want and still get some left over.

Feats should be TWF until greater. The rest im not entirely settled with. Spell penetration might be useful, tho of limited traction with as little spells. A shame there is no epic precision.

Character Builds / Re: Help improve my Bard/Assasin/Sublime Chord
« on: December 21, 2013, 03:23:52 AM »
Thanks for those nice suggestions and clearing up some basic game mechanics. And yes, spell volume is not this classes big forte.

I will iron out the build some and post the finalized build somewhat later.

Character Builds / Help improve my Bard/Assasin/Sublime Chord
« on: December 19, 2013, 05:05:50 PM »
I really like arcane trickster like builds, but usually dont really care for the inability to do any decent melee damage, sice i also really care about supreme versatility and beeing able to somewhat pick locks/disable traps without resting every few meters or stacking up on knock/find traps i decided to build around a class that has all that, plus the ability to cast arcane spells to qualify for Sublime chord.
The build is as follows:
Bard 5/Assasin 7/Bard 1 / Sublime Chord 10 / rest Assasin

Bard 5 to qualify for Assasin, 7 levels then to reach level 4 arcane spells, bard again to dump in saved skillpoints in lore/perform needed to qualify for Sublime Chord, Sublime Chord to 10, while putting everything in skills needed to qualify for epic spellcasting, the rest in assasin to rise both sneak attack and spellcaster levels for sublime chord, plus the superior number of skillpoints, and superior skills overall.

Unsure about feats, but "practiced spellcaster assasin" is a must, with song of arcane power you should just about get +2 (since maxed its +4 and you get -2 due to bard) on caster level. Does this work like that? Do the sublime chord levels stack with my Assasin caster level?

So the question is, any way to do this without cheesing on a OP race like nymph? With nymph you get more than enough skillpoints, AC, and have enough dex to reach Perfect two Weapon fighting, i suppose i could forgo AB and forget about dex and two weapon figting, but be overall strictly focused on spells. I suppose that there is no way to get around the 5 bard thing (to get bardic music, and get the skills needed to qualify for sublime chord) with just 3 classes.

Just how exactly do i learn epic spells? How do spell sneak attacks work? I did try Beguiler/Assasin/Arcane trickster, but the lack of attack spells makes it kinda hard to test anything out ;)

Thanks in advance.

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