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Builders / Disguise Self & Alter Self not set to allow crafted items?
« on: February 11, 2016, 06:06:04 PM »
I was trying out Disguise Self & Alter Self and found that they cannot be crafted onto items.

I traced this down to both targeting restrictions (cannot target scroll/wand/potion in inventory), and to the des_crft_spells.2da where the item properties were not returned correctly, and the flags were set to disallow crafting scroll/wand/potion for the sub radial items.

I'm wondering if this was a deliberate choice to make these spells un-craftable, or if it was an oversight and was thought that if the master was set, then the sub choices didn’t need to be?

If it was not intentional, I would submit it as a bug fix one I validate the changes.

Builders / Latest PRC Files Repository?
« on: January 12, 2016, 11:49:28 PM »
When I was last doing some edits I remember NOT grabbing files via CVS, and I'm wondering is that is still the case.

From searching the forum, I see the SVN repository is listed as:

Is this still the most recent? If not, what is the base way to grab the latest PRC files nowdays?


Builders / Psionic Power: Astral Seed not working
« on: November 21, 2012, 12:48:14 AM »
While testing the Slayer class I was playing around with high level powers and I could not get the Astral Seed power to work. I'm not good on the event hooking, but I'm guessing that its just not triggering upon death - the casting looks good.

As a separate item:
While poking around in the code and reading up online about the hooks into various spells/powers I saw that the name of the script to be executed is actually 17 characters long instead of 16. I *think* that means, since you can't create a script name longer than 16 characters, that the hook isn't going to work, but I haven't tested it myself.


    // Persistant World death hooks
    ExecuteScript("prc_pw_astralseed", oPC);
    if(GetPRCSwitch(PRC_PW_DEATH_TRACKING) && GetIsPC(oPC))
        SetPersistantLocalInt(oPC, "persist_dead", FALSE);

Assuming that it won't work, the simple fix for this would be to revise the hook to "prc_pw_astralsed" or the like.

Builders / PRC Building questions
« on: November 13, 2012, 07:04:26 PM »
As lead up to me attempting to craft the Illithid Slayer class, I'm reading up on the PRC building guide so that I can do things the correct way.

I have successfully downloaded the Tortoise CVS and performed the checked out of the PRC files. I just wanted to verify that this was still the latest and best way of getting the files for working with?

In the guide it seems to indicate that the 'checking in' process is bundling up the changed files and sending them to Is this still the e-mail to send things to, or is there another one, or another preferred method?

Right now I plan to assign the class to slot #254 for creation and testing. Is there is another slot that would be better or be its final slot once completed?

At the risk of getting ahead of myself, having the files to look through means that in theory I could also submit other changes or bug fixes. What is the approval process (or management process) for this kind of thing? Specifically the two situations I was thinking of were changes to the 2DA files if something wasn't working right (ToB Shadow Jump not allowing targeting the ground for teleport for example), or a 'missing' graphic (ToB Shadow Noose doesn't seems to have a 'miss' graphic, and Psionic Power Swarm of Crystals doesn't seem to have an activation FX).

For those type of things, should I write up a brief statement of what I intend to change to get approval first, or is it better to make the change and provide the write up with the changed files?


I love the Psionics in the PRC, but I'm missing my favorite Prestige class, the Illithid Slayer.

The Illithid Slayer is found in the Expanded Psionics Handbook (generic Slayer SRD version here ).

I was wondering if either this class was in the works already, or if I learned enough to build it for the PRC, then would it be an acceptable prestige class to add in to the PRC?

General Discussion / NWNX - Does it require seperate server?
« on: September 25, 2012, 12:18:26 AM »
I've been reading about all the benefits of NWNX, and it sounds like something I want to use with the PRC (for templates and PNP Shifter use, etc), but I haven't seen an answer to my big question, which is: Can I log in locally as a player from the same machine its running the module on?

I understand its built to host a server, so I suspect the answer is No, and since I don't have a 2nd computer to run NWN on, it would then be something I can't use right now.

But if it does still allow a player to log in and play locally (while hosting for other players over the internet) then it really looks like I should upgrade to using it.

Thanks ahead of time for any info!

Help / Feats changing description in quickslot bar?
« on: September 20, 2012, 05:37:18 PM »
Recently I was playing and noticed that feats like Rapid Shot, when placed in a quickslot will have their title or description 'updated' to indicate of they are active when they are in use.

I was wondering how this is done, and if anyone could point me to code that does this, or any general info about how this is accomplished.


Trying out Master of Nine and Ruby Knight but NOT playing a Crusader, I was looking for Devoted Spirit moves to select upon leveling, but did not see any on the list to choose from. Instead the list seems to be continued progression of the base class I had (for example more Sword Sage moves when I level into Mo9).

Just wondering if that's a bug, or if the unique move list for these PrCs is not coded at this time.


General Discussion / Number of uses remaining - ability to display?
« on: August 16, 2011, 09:48:17 PM »
PRC class features (spells, maneuvers, psi powers) are given to the PC as feats, and are often placed in the quick-slots for use. Unlike core NWN items, these ones don't show the number of uses remaining - so for example a Warblade PC just has to remember if they used or even readied a particular move, as there's no numeric counter.

I was wondering: Is this because there is a technical limitation, and feats can't display counters on the quick-slots?

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