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Help / Arcane Wrath / Adding hacked feats to radials
« on: May 09, 2018, 08:31:23 PM »
Hello all.  I had a question regarding a (hopefully small) modification to the PRC I could make on my end.  I'm trying to add the Jade Phoenix Arcane Wrath skill to my Duskblade, because Arcane Strike has not been added as a feat.  I added in Arcane Wrath and Jade Phoenix Spell Select in LETO, then noticed it does not show up in radials, but is in feat list.

I have not modded the PRC before, so let me make sure I'm understanding what I should or could do correctly:
1) Use nwhak to edit feat.2da and change TOOLSCATEGORIES to, say, 2, for the attack menu on both of those feats
2) Keep OnMenu=1 in cls_feat_jpm for Arcane Wrath and Spell Select ?
3) use the PRC installer on a fresh copy of the module I want so it is then loaded into the module

If this isn't how I should go about it, is there a good way I can create my own feat?  I'd prefer it if it was Arcane Strike as intended (single turn only), but I'm alright with using the one that already exists.

Thank you so much!

Hello all.  First of all, thank you for your continued work, I really enjoy the PRC.  It yields a lot of really fun builds.  I've been using PRC 3.5 for a while on a few different modules (currently on Sands of Fate 2 - not recommended if you have high blood pressure) and I have a couple questions.  I'm not sure if these are bugs or if I am just misunderstanding the situation, so I felt I should post here.  Note: I have full PVP on due to necessity - character is undead, uses Balpheron's robe as sustain.

1) Duskblade Arcane Channeling
My current build I'm having issues with has 3 levels in Duskblade, then more in Wiz/EK.  I activate Arcane Channeling, OK.  I cast, say, Extended Ghoul Touch on my weapon or the enemy.  Spell stored, OK, deactivated, OK.  I look at my weapon, has a temporary on-hit spell.  OK.  I hit the enemy.  Nothing happens, spell is still stored.  Never seems to work.  What do?

2) Prismatic Sphere
I am very aware that the disappearance of the circle graphic is a known bug, that's no problem.  The problem is the effect of the spell.  No matter what, anything but me that enters the sphere automatically fails every check, period, even my henchmen.  It's made a couple boss fights instant-win before I realized that it wasn't due to them failing a save.  The logs even show them passing their saves, but they still take 80 damage, die, get sent to Naraku, etc.  Also, it does not block spells.  I recall an interesting fight where the AI cast grasping hand on me, then igms, proceeded to come into my grill, and then instantly was deleted by the sphere.

I'll check back over the course of the months, if I can't fix the Duskblade issue I'll probably just switch characters for a while.  It's sort of ridiculous how many enemies in most modules that are immune to every impactful wizard melee touch spell anyway.

Thank in advance

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