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Thank you for updating the PRC for NWN EE.  It's a blast.

This issue was not fixed completely.  Would you please update the Warlock Utter Dark Blast to heal the player's own undead (including the player if he/she is undead)?

Thank you.

Would you please fix the Warlock's UtterDark Blast so that it heals the undead (including an undead player) (if it's supposed to)?

Thank you.

Help / Need Craft Rod Fix
« on: March 27, 2018, 11:20:20 PM »
The Craft Rod feature does not work.
The Craft Rod fix at the following URL: - is corrupt.  Would it be possible to reupload the fix for the Craft Rod feat?

Thank you.

If I use spells from one of the new classes - say warlock, if I shapeshift - say into a hellhound, the spell icons disappear from the hotbars/"toolbars".  Is there a way to prevent this, such as a mod or setting or something?  Perhaps some small modification to the 2da files?  I find this annoying.  (This problem exists for other classes where shapeshifting is involved).

Thank you

Base Classes / Dread Necromancer
« on: June 11, 2009, 07:47:45 AM »
I was playing around with the prc 2da files in 3.3f2.  The Dread Necromancer Spell levels seem to work Ok.   Where should I upload the 2da files that were changed?

Also, I gave the Necromancer the Turn Undead feat.  However, neutral Dread Necromancer always Turns the undead instead of rebuking them.

Also, the Summon Undead Series produce monsters that just sit there.

Does a Dread Necromancer have Arcane Spell Failure?  I kind of cheated and gave the Dread Necromancer the Armored Mage feat.

Thank you.

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